Almost a week later and, much to my husband’s dismay, I am still swooning over the Royal Wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, a love story which proves fairytales aren’t just for little girls. I must confess though, I am an eternal romantic. Watching a beaming Meghan walk down the aisle towards her happy ever after, her charming Prince waiting for her, never letting go of her hands, reassuring her every step of the way, ah man it just makes my knees go weak. But then again I also completely fell head over heals for the epic love story of Jack and Rose on the Titanic, even though I’ve had pimples last longer than their relationship. But ever since I could remember I’ve been that girl who believes in love at first sight and happy ever afters and I am lucky enough to have experienced it myself.¬†Although I have been teasing him all week saying, “if only you loved me as much as Harry loves Meghan” the truth is my husband is my real life prince charming and every day I get to live our happy ever after.

He on the other hand is such a party pooper, an Anti-Royalist who sees no purpose for the monarchy in our modern day society and who heartbreakingly doesn’t believe Jack and Rose’s relationship would have lasted two seconds off the ship. Is the monarchy relevant? I think the millions of people lining the streets of London and tuning in to watch the royal wedding proved that they are very much relevant.

We actually couldn’t believe how excited everyone in our own Mother City was to watch the wedding and host Royal High Teas at their home. To celebrate we decided to do limited edition cupcakes, cakesicles and biscuits and boy were we blown away by the response to these, we even had two customers jokingly fighting over the last few biscuits on Friday so we worked until late on Friday night to ensure we had plenty for customers on Saturday. We were completely blown away when we opened our doors at 8:00 and customers were waiting outside to make sure that they got their Royal treats, but what we loved more was seeing all the pictures on social media of our customers celebrating with these sweet treats!


How did we celebrate? Well nothing says Royal more than Afternoon Tea at the Mount Nelson, so when I saw a Facebook notification pop up the week before the Royal Wedding, I thought this would be the perfect Mother’s Day gift for Tessa and I booked tickets to watch the Royal Wedding at the Mount Nelson’s famous high tea, while Mr Party Pooper babysat the Tasmanian Devil Toddler aka Annie.


Oh my gosh did we get serious Cake Envy, every single bite we tasted was out of this world top class confectionary. We had an amazing day filled with giggles and goosebumps as we watched the Royal Wedding, drinking bubbly and tea and eating the most decadent delights. It was a special day and I will always remember Harry’s wedding in years to come not only for the modern day fairytale that it is, but the memories we shared celebrating their love.

Every special occasion deserves an equally special cake, but just because you are not inviting the whole neighbourhood to your birthday doesn’t mean you don’t deserve a phenomenal cake. It’s your birthday right! So before heading out to a supermarket to buy a below par cake, why not order one of our new Mini or Small cakes. Whether you are simply celebrating the day with your nearest and dearest, having a romantic dinner for two or hosting a big shebang with all the bells and whistles, we have the perfect cake for you.

We’ve recently introduced two new size cakes to our classic cake range, our Mini {10 cm diameter} and Small {15 cm diameter}, but before you go searching for a ruler to try and wrap your head around the new sizes, we’ve already done all the work for you. We grabbed our ruler and scale and tested out our new cake sizes to give you all the information you would need.

The first question we are always asked is how many slices makes up a cake? Sounds like a riddle right? Well to a certain degree the number of slices a cake will yield is a matter of opinion (and appetite), but here is a general guideline to our new cake sizes.


Our Mini size is the perfect cake for an intimate affair, whether you are cooking a romantic dinner for two, surprising your little one with cake for breakfast on her birthday morning, or enjoying the cake as a small family, our Mini cake is the perfect sweet addition to your celebrations. It also makes for a delicious birthday present for those with a sweet tooth and comes beautifully packaged with our new open window branded mini cake box.

Our mini cake is approximately 10 cm in diameter and 14 cm in height, it weighs just over 1 kg and yields 4 to 6 portion sizes.


Having a braai with a few friends? Need a sweet ending to a dinner party? Birthday Celebrations with the family? Our Small Cake is perfect for those smaller get togethers. The dimensions of this cake is 15 cm in diameter and 17 cm in height, it weighs just over 2 kgs, and yields 8 to 10 portions.


The pièce de résistance, our regular cake size at a whopping 4 kgs might just be enough to feed a village! Approximately 20 cm in diameter and 17 cm in height, this beast would yield 16 to 18 portions. A favourite for large celebrations there is definitely enough cake here to go around.

Whether you are having a small celebration or the party of the year Tessa’s has you covered! Now go have your cake and eat it too!

Move over Cake Pop, Hello Cakesicle! Finally, something has come along to tip the scales. Popsicle shaped cake pops dipped in chocolate and decorated in the cutest characters and themes.

These beauties became a hot trend after Melbourne cake artist Raymond Tan started posting his creations on social media and it wasn’t long after that the world followed suit. We couldn’t wait to recreate and add our own flair to the trend and got to work creating the most phenomenal, enchanting and whimsical characters.

We first got to work transforming our enchanting Sugar Plum the Unicorn Cake into cakesicles as well as the cutest Pandas. But we couldn’t stop there!

One little girl loved our Unicorn cakesicles so much she asked her mom to get her cat themed ones for her birthday paw-ty. Are you kitten me meow? Of course we said yes! She sent us her party invite and we brought her kitten to life in cakesicle form which were a massive hit at the paw-ty.

The creative juices were flowing by now and one by one new characters were created with dreams of making matching cakes very soon in the future. From the Unicorn of the Sea the Narwhale, the cutest koala, mystical mermaid and a sassy fox …

To something for the boys, Pokemon and Batman, the possibilities are endless with this amazing trend.

Want your own piece of cake heaven on a stick? Our cakesicles start at R35.00 each depending on theme and complexity. We are itching to create more characters so go ahead and give us a challenge and ask us to create something special for your next party!


We celebrated Halloween with a Spooktacular day of ghoulish treats, face painting and trick or treating. Thank you to everyone who came along, especially those ghosts and goblins who dressed up for the occasion. We had such a fun day!

Mother’s Day ~ a day we get to spoil the Queens in our life. It’s a day that brings with it¬†both tremendous happiness¬†and sadness for me. It’s been almost four years now¬†since I lost my mom tragically to a heart attack and not a day goes by that I don’t miss her and long for her. Days like Mother’s Day makes the longing even greater and I know that many feel the same. But it’s also a day I thought I would never celebrate myself, for a long time I feared that I would never be a mom. Last year I got to celebrate my first Mother’s Day, a bittersweet day as I wished my mom could have been here to see me become a mom. But for all I have lost, I have been fortunate enough to be blessed with a wonderful mother-in-law Tessa who has been there for me through the best and worst times. It’s not often that you find a mother and daughter-in-law not only working side by side but living together and yet somehow it works. I love her tremendously. They say a mother is a person who can take the place of all others, but whose place no one else can take and while this is most certainly true, Tessa surely comes close.

I’ve been a mom for little over a year now and it’s been the best, most tiring, yet tremendously rewarding year of my life. No one could prepare me enough for this journey, I finally understand why life is so precious and why we should savour each memory, each moment, each smile, because one day all we will have is memories and the love that will forever be in our hearts.

I know this blog has very little to do about cakes, but let’s celebrate each and every mom this Mother’s Day, whether it’s with a card, a cake or an extra long¬†hug, let her know how much you love her.

Mom is simply a title above Queen and every Queen deserves a High Tea. We had a beautiful tea party and so can you, simply pop on over to our Mother’s Day High Tea Collection with its floral hints of Lavender and Rose!

Much Love, Des x

Photography by Sheena Henry Photography

Let’s face it, love is sweet so why not spoil your Sweetheart with¬†some decadently sweet cupcakes this Valentine’s Day?¬†We have put together a wonderful collection of Valentine’s Day treats for you during this month of love and even have an exciting balloon add on by The Cape Town Balloon and Event Company, after all love is in the air.

Want to show your Sweetie Pie how much you love them, we have the perfect Sweetie Pie Cupcake gift that will do just that. Our Pink Velvet Cake and Cheesecake will definitely make your lover’s heart sing or for something a little quirkier, try our conversation heart cupcakes which can be customised for you.

But most importantly love is about sharing and¬†our Love Box filled to the brim with delectable treats is the perfect gift made for sharing.¬†So never stop sharing the love not only this Valentine’s Day, but every day this year for love only grows by sharing.

Enter the magical world of Tessa’s where dreams and fantasies come to life.

We have been obsessed with Unicorns for months now and thankfully for us the trend is still going strong and we get to introduce our new resident Unicorn, Sugarplum Gumdrop, fluffy vanilla funfetti sponge with a rainbow buttercream mane and sparkly golden horn and ears, truly enchanting.

To add to the wonder of our extensive collection of Unicorn cakes and cupcakes, are our new Unicorn macarons, and just like that the world became an infinitely better place.

We hope our enchanting unicorns make today a glitter-filled bag of magic and rainbows.