Hello Cakesicles!

Move over Cake Pop, Hello Cakesicle! Finally, something has come along to tip the scales. Popsicle shaped cake pops dipped in chocolate and decorated in the cutest characters and themes.

These beauties became a hot trend after Melbourne cake artist Raymond Tan started posting his creations on social media and it wasn’t long after that the world followed suit. We couldn’t wait to recreate and add our own flair to the trend and got to work creating the most phenomenal, enchanting and whimsical characters.

We first got to work transforming our enchanting Sugar Plum the Unicorn Cake into cakesicles as well as the cutest Pandas. But we couldn’t stop there!

One little girl loved our Unicorn cakesicles so much she asked her mom to get her cat themed ones for her birthday paw-ty. Are you kitten me meow? Of course we said yes! She sent us her party invite and we brought her kitten to life in cakesicle form which were a massive hit at the paw-ty.

The creative juices were flowing by now and one by one new characters were created with dreams of making matching cakes very soon in the future. From the Unicorn of the Sea the Narwhale, the cutest koala, mystical mermaid and a sassy fox …

To something for the boys, Pokemon and Batman, the possibilities are endless with this amazing trend.

Want your own piece of cake heaven on a stick? Our cakesicles start at R35.00 each depending on theme and complexity. We are itching to create more characters so go ahead and give us a challenge and ask us to create something special for your next party!


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One reply on “Hello Cakesicles!

  • Carlin

    Good day,
    Celebrating a 5th bday party next week Saturday the 21st. Thinking of having 10 cakesicles and a mini cake / large cupcake just for candle blowing and singing. Theme is rainbow unicorn. Can this be done and cost please. Many thanks


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