A baker’s love story

25 years. That’s how long I passionately created baked goods in my home. And like any good baker’s home, a kitchen filled with trays of treats and the smell of heavenly cakes inspired my children to get in the mix. Then it was time. The love needed to be shared and we opened our arms to the public in 2012.
Chocolate caramel cake, red velvet cake, carrot cake, cheesecake, peppermint crisp tart cast a spell and cake lovers flocked to indulge in mouthwatering masterpieces, made with only the finest ingredients, each with a unique touch, each creating a love story of its own. Old favourites are sprinkled throughout the bakery, tastes from childhood

that bring back memories of birthdays, graduations and having granny over for tea.
We want you to come over for tea. We want you to come over when your tummy is empty and ONLY ganache will do. We want to hear about your dream job, your anniversary, your wedding plans, your family and your sweet romance. And like any good love story, this one comes with a promise, from me to you ­ our cake family. W​e’re making good old favourites great again. It’s our secret.


Remember Smartie cakes, caterpillars made out of dough and finger biscuit aeroplanes? Remember sitting on the kitchen counter creating masterpieces with chocolate sprinkles, hundreds & thousands, silver balls and twirly straws? We’re bringing back mouthwatering memories when cookie cutters, homemade pastries and soft, moist, spongy cupcakes were the order of the day and you got to lick the wooden spoon at the end.

Why? Because we’re tired of mass­produced, impersonal, imagination­less, taste­depleted, cold fish approaches to baking and we’re taking a stand, whisk in hand. Butter, cream , sugar and good old­fashioned quality goods fill our bowls and line your lips for a trip down M​mmm​lane to your mom’s kitchen.

A place where home is where the heart is, where each milestone was celebrated with a sweet delight. W​e’re making good old favourites great again. This is our promise to you, our cake family.

Our Cakes

We’re making good old favourites great again.

Classic Cakes

These trusted favourites with surprising twists will leave you in wanting MORE, MORE, MORE! Made just like mom’s, they’re packed with the finest ingredients, made with love and made to order.

Celebration Cakes

Celebrate good times! Your birthday, your promotion, your baby shower or the fact that it’s Friday, we love a happy occasion and your kiddos will love our happy designs and the chance to decorate their own masterpieces!

Cheesecakes and Tarts

Cheesecakes have never looked this good! Choose from our famous red velvet cheesecake, our delectable creamy New York style baked cheesecake or our phenomenal over the top cheesecakes.


Classic & Quirky Quiches

Savoury and filled with SO much goodness. Our quiches are made with top quality pastry and packed with scrumptiously sinful ingredients that will make you swoon.


Cakes made with love




Decadent Twists on old favourites


Making mouthwatering memories


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Tastes like home