The excitement in Tessa’s last week was palpable. Months of brainstorming, weekly meetings, learning to let go of the old and embrace the new, led us to the monumental day of the re-launch of our brand last Friday. It was an intense process but ultimately along the way we found ourselves and reinforced the deep love we have for baking sweet delights.

When we walked into the offices of New Normal four months ago never did we think we would embark on such a journey with them. To our friends Matthew, Chrisli and Este, thank you for your invaluable support, vision and for continually pushing us outside our comfort zone. Our success lies in your process and our teamwork. Thank you.

When it came to capturing our vision, we knew we needed the best and what an absolute gem we found in the talent of Sam Wilkinson’s Food Photography. Always professional and helpful, Sam arrived prepared and managed to capture not only our whole range of cakes and quiches but also some phenomenal styled shots capturing each of the products with as much love as went into baking them.

We were left with the daunting task of redecorating our shop front. We painted over the old dated pink décor leaving a blank canvas. We called in the expertise of our friend Billy at Catch Media who went to great lengths and far and beyond what was expected in helping us design the interior of our shop with their visual print solutions that ultimately brought our bakery to life.

Our new packaging is also thanks to Catch Media who supplied all our stylish stickers and Ashley at Claymore Packaging, who were super efficient in providing us quotes for our new craft boxes, going out of their way to supply us with everything we needed and for buying all our pies every time they came for a meeting!

The biggest thank you has to go to each of our team members and partners in crime. To Jaun, thank you for breathing a breath of fresh air into our bakery – your creativity, knowledge, and laughter, but beyond all friendship, is invaluable. Thank you for your and Jade’s continued hard work during the process. To our pastry chefs, Kirsty and Cherise, your hard work, dedication and creativity was an integral part of our project and will always be appreciated. To our front of house manager Natalie, thank you for standing by us, change can often be daunting but you took it in your stride and fell in love with the new Tessa’s as much, if not more, than you loved the old. To each and every other member of our team, Palesa, Apiwe, Sophie, Zukiswa, Helen and Hombisa, you are all an integral part of our team and Tessa’s wouldn’t be the same without you.

Last but not least, we have to thank you, our loyal fans – new recruits and old faithfuls. Every day we strive to be the best because of you, because we want to share in your joy and special days, we want to hear all about your dream job, your anniversary, your wedding plans, your family or your sweet romance.

25 years. That is how long I passionately created baked goods in my home, and as I welcomed you into my home then, I now welcome you with pride into the new Tessa’s.

Tessa x