We live in a time of sky scraper cakes where taller is better, where extreme baking has become commonplace and where social media continues to influence our daily choices, be it that smoothie bowl you saw this morning or the mud cake tower you saw this afternoon. For us nothing takes the cake like, well, cake but what do you do when you’ve created a multilayer beast and traditional cake cutting methods just leaves you in a heap of icing and crumbs leaving behind a Leaning Tower of Pisa?

A recent cake cutting video went viral for this very reason, offering us a solution to the messy business of cutting tall cakes. Shared by Katherine Sabbath, known for cakes as tall as they are breathtaking, it demonstrates using a long knife and a cutting board, supporting the entire side of the cake while cutting it and laying it down onto the cutting board. After that, simply cut vertical pieces of the tall cake before setting them down onto a plate or serving tray.

We decided to put this cake cutting method to the test with one of our own cakes. We chose a 15 cm (6 inch) Orange cake. We estimate the slices on this cake to be 8 to 10 slices using the traditional cutting method, but using Katherine Sabbath’s method, we were able to yield 16 delicious “responsible” servings of cake fingers using the cutting guidelines below.

For cleaner and smoother cuts, be sure to have a jug of hot water and a clean cloth, clean your knife by dipping it into the hot water, dry it with a cloth before cutting your next cake slice.

This cutting method works well at a party where other cakes and treats are also served, but the best thing about this is you can always get up for seconds and thirds! Here is a step by step video.

Every special occasion deserves an equally special cake, but just because you are not inviting the whole neighbourhood to your birthday doesn’t mean you don’t deserve a phenomenal cake. It’s your birthday right! So before heading out to a supermarket to buy a below par cake, why not order one of our new Mini or Small cakes. Whether you are simply celebrating the day with your nearest and dearest, having a romantic dinner for two or hosting a big shebang with all the bells and whistles, we have the perfect cake for you.

We’ve recently introduced two new size cakes to our classic cake range, our Mini {10 cm diameter} and Small {15 cm diameter}, but before you go searching for a ruler to try and wrap your head around the new sizes, we’ve already done all the work for you. We grabbed our ruler and scale and tested out our new cake sizes to give you all the information you would need.

The first question we are always asked is how many slices makes up a cake? Sounds like a riddle right? Well to a certain degree the number of slices a cake will yield is a matter of opinion (and appetite), but here is a general guideline to our new cake sizes.


Our Mini size is the perfect cake for an intimate affair, whether you are cooking a romantic dinner for two, surprising your little one with cake for breakfast on her birthday morning, or enjoying the cake as a small family, our Mini cake is the perfect sweet addition to your celebrations. It also makes for a delicious birthday present for those with a sweet tooth and comes beautifully packaged with our new open window branded mini cake box.

Our mini cake is approximately 10 cm in diameter and 14 cm in height, it weighs just over 1 kg and yields 4 to 6 portion sizes.


Having a braai with a few friends? Need a sweet ending to a dinner party? Birthday Celebrations with the family? Our Small Cake is perfect for those smaller get togethers. The dimensions of this cake is 15 cm in diameter and 17 cm in height, it weighs just over 2 kgs, and yields 8 to 10 portions.


The pièce de résistance, our regular cake size at a whopping 4 kgs might just be enough to feed a village! Approximately 20 cm in diameter and 17 cm in height, this beast would yield 16 to 18 portions. A favourite for large celebrations there is definitely enough cake here to go around.

Whether you are having a small celebration or the party of the year Tessa’s has you covered! Now go have your cake and eat it too!

I have always loved birthdays, not only mine, although I will openly admit to being that person who reminds everyone months in advance that my birthday is approaching, but more so I especially love making those close to me feel extra special on their day. It wasn’t however until I had our little Annie that I realized how truly magical a new life is and that birthdays took on a whole new meaning to me. I remember the day she was born better than any other day in my life, the anticipation of finally being a mom, the excitement when we woke up at 5 am to get ready for our scheduled C-Section. I remember listening to the music playing in theatre with tears streaming down my face as I turned to my fertility specialist and said don’t worry these are happy tears, and then the moment that took our breath away, that first cry, oh how I will never forget that very special moment, it was as if her first breath awakened something inside of me, something so fierce and protective but equally loving and kind. The day I became a mom, singularly the most important day of my life. I want her to always know how important she is to us, how much the day she was born means to me and how grateful I am to be able to call her my daughter and her birthday is just one of the many ways I can show her that, though at 2 she doesn’t understand the concept just yet, she will one day.

There is also a good chance I have a serious party planning addiction and I might even have another baby just so that I can do this twice a year! I just love the attention to detail, I love researching ideas on Pinterest and social media, searching through Etsy for party printables, shopping and crafting. It’s a creative outlet for me and I just love the joy it brings to my daughter and her little friends.

Annie loves Peppa Pig, in fact one of her first words were Peppa and I have genuinely picked up a hint of an English accent in some of her words, like the way she says Okkaayy just like Peppa does, so it was easy to choose her theme a few months in advance. I was also lucky that Peppa was coming to town the weekend after her birthday. So once I had the theme chosen the fun began.

When planning a party my Go-To is always Etsy which has a diverse range of party invitations and printables for every theme imaginable. I chose a custom invite from PartyHooray and sent these out digitally to all our family and friends.

I also have an obsession with photos and Annie’s 2nd Birthday seemed like the perfect opportunity for a family photoshoot with our very talented friend Sheena Henry, the photos she took were nothing short of amazing, little moments of time captured and treasured for the rest of our lives. Tessa had bought Annie the most beautiful pink floral dress when she was only a few months old and sent me the inspiration for her birthday shoot one evening, a picture of a little girl standing next to a huge floral number 2. I ordered a 1 m tall polystyrene number 2 from Hot Wired and found tissue pom poms at China Town. I spent a good day and a half ruffling the pom poms and hot glueing them to the number 2. I underestimated the amount of pom poms it would take to make this (a whopping 50) and had to make a return trip to China Town, but in the end I was super proud that it came out looking so beautiful. I used the number 2 on the photoshoot, the morning of her birthday as well as on the dessert table.

Keeping up with trends we made a Number 2 Cookie Cream cake for her “smash cake”.

A month before I started crafting some items for Annie’s Birthday Party. We had bought a Brother Scan ‘n Cut machine a few months before and I couldn’t wait to put it to use. I started by making Peppa Pig headbands for each of the little guests. I found pink headbands at China Town for only R3.00 and bought two shades of pink felt from PNA. After cutting out the shapes for the ears, I used my hot glue gun to glue the felt ears to the headband. These ended up being super cheap to make and I loved seeing the little ones (and a few moms) wearing them.

I made the Peppa Pig party boxes myself using my cutting machine. This took up the most time and effort but the boxes were really cute in the end. I filled them with all the usual party pack goodness and added a Peppa Pig Bubble Wand which I found at China Town and a small pack of colourful pens for the colouring book I got on Etsy.

I had initially bought a template for a Peppa Pig favour box, but the boxes ended up being too small to use as a party pack. I still used the little boxes nonetheless and filled them with some sweets.

Lastly I bought a backdrop and some Peppa Pig Printables and tags on Etsy. I also got a cute Peppa T-shirt from Subella.

Finally party day arrived! I set up most of the dessert table the night before, bar the cheesecakes which needed to be in the fridge as we were heading off to the show early in the morning. Annie absolutely loved the show. A few of her friends joined her as well and it was amazing to see them interacting with Peppa and jumping in muddy puddles.

I reused the fake grass from our Easter photoshoot as well as the picket fence border. I used my floral number 2 on the table and put up the backdrop (rather skew I must say) behind the table. I used an old wooden crate I had and repurposed Annie’s muddy boots from last year as a flower container and used some of her Peppa plush toys and duck bath toys for decor. I had a red polka dot runner which I used as well and then laid out all the incredible cakes and treats from our bakery:

This amazing two tier Peppa Pig Cake was certainly the show stopper.

I also had a Red Velvet Cheesecake in a pink Tessa’s style design with a 2D Peppa Pig Fairy on top.

As well as a Peanut Butter Cheesecake surrounded with Kitkats and topped with a muddy bath of ganache. We used some of Annie’s Peppa Pig figurines for the toppers on this cake.

Our talented team made some incredible cookies, from George’s Dinosaur on a stick to Mrs Duck in her pond as well as Peppa playing in Muddy puddles. We also couldn’t help but add some cakesicles to the table which was a massive hit with the little guests.

Before her party we had noticed a delicious new trend called Grazing Tables (do yourself a favour and go look it up). We attempted to recreate one and I must say it was beyond amazing and really such a hit with our family and friends. We packed our kitchen table from corner to corner with a selection of cheese, biscuits, dips, dried fruit, nuts, savoury snacks from the bakery like mini quiches, mini pies, spanakopitas and bought some phenomenal mini rootis, samosas and pitas from a friend’s aunt and then our guests did exactly as the title said, grazed all day on all this goodness.

Annie spent the day playing with her friends in the garden and in her Play House and we really all had such a wonderful day but sadly I have to pack away my party planning cap until next year.

If you are planning a Peppa Pig Party I hope you have as much fun as I did! I’ve put together a file you can download here with some of the Peppa Pig Party Printables I used.

Now go jump in muddy puddles!

Love, Des (AKA Tessa in Training AKA Tessa’s Daughter in Law)


It’s hard to believe that after only four years we have outgrown a bakery that seemed so big in comparison to the little home kitchen we used to work in. It was a big step to move from our home to a business premises, and now we are taking the next big step.

When we moved into our Montague Gardens Bakery there were only 6 of us. Over the years we have grown, adding valuable members to our “bakery family” and today our family has grown to 18 and we are bursting at the seams in our current bakery.

It was clear we needed to find a new home and after a successful poll Milnerton/Tableview came out tops and so the hunt began for the perfect home. We looked at many options but the minute we walked into the Milpark premises we knew we had found the perfect home. Easily accessible off Koeberg Road it gave us the best of both worlds, a factory space to bake lots of yummy cakes from but also a retail element where you will be able to grab a cup of coffee and a cupcake. We will be part of an exiting redevelopment of Milpark and won’t divulge much more than to say it is going to be simply A-MA-ZING! The new premises is close to 500 sqm and will boast a trendy retail space, where you will still be able to smell the aroma of yummy cakes baking fresh in the oven. We will also have a cake tasting and consulting room where you will be able to sit and chat to our cake designers about the perfect show stopper at your next event. We have plenty of surprises in store for you at our new bakery and we cannot wait to welcome you into the new space in March 2017.

Of course none of this would have been possible without the amazing support we have received over the years from our customers, some of whom have become friends of ours and shared in our lives and ups and downs the last few years. We cannot begin to thank you enough, you have made our dreams come true.

Keep your eyes on our social media platforms as we share this journey and dream with you over the next few months.

Much Love

Tessa, George, Des & Annie



Witches wander in the Street
Ghosts and Goblins, Trick or Treat
Give me something sweet to eat
Give me some of Tessa’s treats
Give me chocolate, give me cake 
Give me something sweet to take

Looking for a themed cake for a special occasion? Drop us a mail at order@tessasbakery.co.za and we will whip up a quote to make your wildest (cake) wishes come true!

You now have the option to add a topper to your online cake order or pop into our store and select from our display.

Can’t find what you looking for? We can design a personalised topper for you, simply email or call us with your requirements!

They are a daughter’s first love, a son’s first hero, they make socks and sandals look cool and although we won’t admit it we love their dad jokes. Let’s admit it, our dads are pretty cool, so spoil them this Father’s Day with our range of cakes – whiskey, cookie dough, coffee and doughnuts, waffles, bacon and maple syrup – we have you covered.


Mothers believe in us more than we believe in ourselves, do more for us than they do for themselves, worry about us more than we realise, value us more than anything else in the world, give us more than they can afford, love us more than anyone else can, and matter more than words can express.


This Mother’s Day show your appreciation with the perfect range of sweet delights to spoil mom, the person who can take the place of everyone but whose place no else can take.


Easter is such a fun holiday, especially with little ones hopping around the garden in search of treasures hidden by the Easter Bunny, their shrieks of excitement filling the air as their Easter baskets become fuller and fuller. It’s a day for family fun, for feasts and festivities, and the perfect time to decorate the house with bunnies and eggs.

We dusted off our Easter decorations and came up with a stunning range of cakes and treats that you can share with your family this Easter. Whether you are hosting an intimate lunch with your nearest and dearest, or a neighbourhood Easter Egg Hunt, we’ve got everything you will need to make the day a memorable one. From a decadent chocolate blueberry speckled egg cake, the Easter Bunny’s favourite carrot cake to our secret surprise piñata ruffle cake, our cakes are more than just eye candy for the table, they taste as good as they look!

We also have cupcakes and cookies for the little ones, who will sure have worked up an appetite during their Easter Egg Hunt, so be sure to hop on over to our Easter range and place your order for an eggcelent, eggciting and memorable Easter!

We hope you have a hopping happy Easter from all of us at Tessa’s.

Tessa x